S & T Mobile Blasting LLC    

Our Mission

S & T Mobile Blasting LLC offers an ECO-FRIENDLY solution on media blasting. Our process is non-toxic and non-pollutant. Our System is DUST-FREE and can be used anywhere. It is much faster than any traditional methods. The safest way to restore and clean various surfaces. Our machine creates NO DUST and it's environmentally friendly.

Proud operator of the most innovative surface preparation tool Dustless Blasting. We can strip paint, rust, and body filler right in your own driveway. We use recycled glass media so it won't harm the environment. Clean up is a breeze because our machine uses water and media mixed in the blast tank.

We offer Auto Restorers, Car Enthusiasts, and Body Shops the easiest, safest, and most affordable paint removal solution available today. S & T Mobile Blasting LLC delivers excellent service on time and within budget. Our employees are experienced and insured, so you can trust your next project with us.

Equipment cleaning
Floor and surface cleaning
Paint and coating removal
Pipe/fitting paint removal
Removes product buildup
Rust removal

auto,truck & equipment

Houses & Home

Boat bottom paint removal
Boat yard equipment
Cleaning of marine surfaces
Docks and bulkhead cleaning
Paint removal
Rust and corrosion removal 

S & T Mobile Blasting LLC

4097 WhaiteHall

Imperial, MO 63052


Deck, Wood Siding

All Metal


Brick and stone cleaning
Driveway stain cleaning
Flood and Fire damage cleaning
Garage Floor and Paver cleaning
Graffiti Removal
Paint removal
Stamped cement coating removal
Swimming pool paint removal
Stuco cleaning
Wood surface cleaning

Marine, Boats & Marinas


4097 Whitehall. imperial, mo 63052