Tough on Paint, Mold, and Weather Build-Up, but gentle enough to clean any surface and make it look like new.

Our system is safe on cleaning century aged masonries, bricks, stone, concrete, tiles, and even marble flooring. Graffiti can be an eyesore to you and your community. We can remove this for you without using any chemicals. We use 100% recycled material and water.

With the right pressure and the right media, we can also restore your wood decks, furniture, log cabins, and even strip the paint off any wood surface.

Why Choose Us

Our Mission

Proud operator of the most innovative surface preparation tool Dustless Blasting. We can strip paint, rust, and body filler right in your own driveway. We use recycled glass media so it won't harm the environment. Clean up is a breeze because our machine uses water and media mixed in the blast tank.

We offer Auto Restorers, Car Enthusiasts, and Body Shops the easiest, safest, and most affordable paint removal solution available today. S & T Mobile Blasting LLC delivers excellent service on time and within budget. Our employees are experienced and insured, so you can trust your next project with us.

we truly care 


Our system completely removes paint, rust, and chlorides, leaving a perfect paint ready surface. It also prevents Flash Rust for up to 72 hours. S & T Mobile Blasting LLC offers an ECO-FRIENDLY solution on media blasting. Our process is non-toxic, non-pollutant and DUST-FREE. It can be used anywhere and it is much faster than any other traditional methods 

S & T Mobile Blasting LLC    


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We Love What We Do

S & T Mobile Blasting LLC
4097 WhaiteHall
Imperial, MO 63052

S & T Mobile Blasting provides many solutions for surface restoration and coating removal projects. We are professionals and take pride in our work.

 No matter how big or small your project may be we are dedicated to making our customers happy and satisfied. We work on referrals and count on our clients for future business. We use all Eco-friendly media products such as recycled crushed glass that's combined with water to make us a dustless system.

 As a Mobile Blasting Unit we are able to access cities such as St.Louis, County, IL, MO and any surrounding areas within 200 miles and handle any type of project.